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Barge Alizarine

Since January 2015 the Alizarin is one of our major carriers. Out of respect for both the wine and the environment seemed to us this mode of transport innovation, fitting well with our way of working. If the boatmen Cécile and Raphael the Alizarin had not been invented, we would probably find yourself eventually came up with the idea.

The choice of this mode of transport remains a militant choice. Account should be taken of the fact that this is a relatively slow mode of transport, and that there is therefore need to be anticipated. There are also extra charges, but we are convinced that this mode of transport in the coming years will become increasingly more competitive by becoming better adapted logistics.

Some information about the barge's Alizarine

Here you can see a small vidéo of 4 minutes (in French, but very interesting and beautiful), on the work of the barge Alizarin, specializing in the transport of organic wine and Champagne between Marseille, Paris and Brussels.

Dates of the wine-tastings with Denis on the barge Alizarin are listed on our news page.

Discover the route of barge Alizarine


- - Left the regular course, and the course "on demand"


- Right, the specifications of every course, with all the stops

Here, you can continuously locate Alizarine.

The two prominent routes of Alizarine

Shippers of Alizarin and their vendors

- left, data from producers who entrust their products to Alizarin


- Right, the data of the vendors who sell products conveyed by the Alizarin


And, what was still, at that time?
Some nostalgia to the good old time ...