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Cousins, friends, spouse, marriage witnesses or godmother ....

there is always a link between us!

Our team consists of 7 people, and Cyril, nephew from Denis and apprentice.

The work is part of his life, like his parents, Alphonse and Françoise, who created this domain with passion.

Denis has attended wine school and moved in 1986 to the family estate of Mas ITE. Therefore, it has continued to develop marketing in bottles. He toured France and Northern Europe to deliver its customers. This task is a real passion and he speaks fluent German and very good Dutch and English.

Passionate about wine from a young age, Sébastien has always benefited from his vacation and his internship to work in the middle of wine.

If it is from a time in his native village of Valvignères, it was to expand knowledge and explore the vineyards in Australia and New Zealand.

He joined the family business intras of Mas in 2005 and looks after the vineyards and the cellar.

Self-taught, Raphael learned his craft in the field.

He then undertook a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) in 2007 that allowed him to get the BTS Viti-Oeno.
He handles the wine section and second in the cellar.

Aurélien steeped in viticulture since childhood. Half-time at the Mas d'Intras, he helped his father in the vineyard to the other half of his time in the neighboring village.
He has four years of learning at the ITE Mas and stayed in the team to help with the work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Cyril continues wine studies and chose the alternation to learn the craft.

He joined the ITE to Mas team in September 2015 for 2 years learning

in the family estate of his grandparents.

Ida welcomes you in the tasting-room, takes care of the daily customer contact process your orders and manages deliveries Denis. It guides tours of the cellar in German, English and Dutch translations made.

Sonia is our accountant and manages the administrative, 2 days per week.

You can see the time tasting-room in time and speaks fluent German.

At the office, Marie-Julienne handles route preparation of Denis and customer management. It integrates the vault service planning and help in the vineyards and bottling when the need arises.



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